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Remember that my name is John J. Trause. The middle initial is essential. Since "John Trause" is also a main character of Paul Auster's novel Oracle Night (2003), we are often confused. I have tried to sift out the links under the name "John Trause" that pertain to me rather than the fictional character.




Puff Le Dragon Magique


John J. Trause Raps in Middle English



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"Daughters of the ... sidereality | ISSN 1543-0316 | Poems V. 3, N. 2 |


"More Daughters of ... sidereality | ISSN 1543-0316 | Poems V. 3, N. 2 |


The Ebonic Hail Mary


My publication in The Pedestal Magazine


My book, which I would like to see published (needs corrections)


Sensations Magazine 1996 and Sensations Magazine 1999  


NOW Culture, ref 2, ref 3, ref 4



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Diverse poetry at Tapestry Cafe in Netcong


Local writers will share their work at Tapestry Cafe


My publication in Parse, ref 2, ref 3


MoMA Strike Benefit Reading 2000


50th Anniversary of City Lights Reading December 2003 , ref 2, ref 3, ref 4


Contribution to Jill S. Greenberg's Accumulation

Project , ref 2


William Carlos Williams Poetry Cooperative Of Southern

Bergen County , ref 2


Sensational Poets Series at Centennial Hall


My Latter-Day Litany


Performance and Cornelia Street Cafe


Art Library Association of North America ARLIS/NA , ref 2


Poets Wear Prada


Xavier Review, 2006


About John J. Trause


Wood-Ridge Memorial Library , ref 2


Happy 125th Birthday To William Carlos Williams!





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Dr. John


Capriole, ref 2





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My award-winning review of Invert CD


Gene Myers





Museum Of Menstruation Website has a reference to me, but not by name, on its very BUSY website for one of my contributions under "Words and expressions for menstruation around the world" Go to "America (United States of)" Scroll down to the letter M.


"M the contributor, formerly a librarian at a well-known New York museum who visited the physical MUM shortly after it opened, writes, "When my cousin Maryann was in high school 20 years ago and a girl couldn't use the pool which was required during gym class because she was having her period, she would simply say 'M' quietly to the gym teacher who would excuse her from going in the pool. The 'M' obviously meant 'I am menstruating.' My cousin and her friends would use 'M' as a code even outside of the gym circumstance." (August 2002)"


This was provided to me by my cousin Maryann Petrocelli who attended Hackensack High School.


Patrick Hammer's 50th Birthday Blog

I registered here as the anagrammatical pseudonym Jonas Jeruth. Jonas Jeruth said... A BRUSH WITH CELEBRITY AND A CELEBRITY BRUSH OFF : I TOLD YOU SO, etc.